March 21, 2009

I've always liked to knit dishcloths, not so much the plain-Jane ones, but the ones that are shaped or have some oomph to them. These are from the same pattern, but notice the difference between the variegated one and the one shade of color one. Both beautiful in their own way, right? Right!

Well, recently I branched out a bit and got brave enough to try a few "picture" dishcloths. Here are my first two:

Btw, the above dishcloths are "Easter" and "Button", both done for friends in a group I'm in... crappy picture of the button one, but it's the only one I have.

Soon after knitting those, I began the search for more cloths to knit. After finding and printing out dozens ahead of time, I stumbled upon this wonderful blog that had not only cloths, but also baby bib patterns, and they match! Here is what I've knit so far on the "Snowbaby Bib":

I've had a hard time getting a good picture of these knit pictures. I think my lighting is bad, too, which doesn't help. Ok, but back to the bib, it's really fun to knit them, I have enough grandbabies to knit them for, so I can see this being an addiction, lol! I think when I knit more bibs from that same blog, I'll go down a needle size tho, as this isn't tight enough.

I'll update with pics of the finished bib as soon as... well, as soon as it's done! ;-) After I get out to WalMart, I'll have a new supply of some colored cotton to make some more dishcloths and bibs, too. Woohoo!


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